Our Firm

The Mouzis Law Firm was established in March, 2009 with one overriding philosophy: to provide the highest quality legal services to clients in the most cost-effective manner possible. While all law firms are a for profit business, Gerald W. Mouzis, the founder and managing partner of The Mouzis Law Firm, views the law as a service profession, one in which clients need the passion and expertise of experienced attorneys to guide them through the complexities of modern-day litigation and related legal issues.

Prior to establishing the firm, Mr. Mouzis devoted a 30 year legal career in both private practice with small, medium and relatively large law firms, in addition to time in the corporate setting as legal counsel for a large automotive distributor. His experience provided him with invaluable knowledge on the goals and concerns of corporate and individual clients, with the operations of relatively large, nationally based law firms, and on the inner workings of the small or so-called boutique firms. In doing so, The Mouzis Law Firm has combined the benefits of a mid-size to large firm practice with the personal touch of a small firm.

Mr. Mouzis understands that legal disputes significantly increase the cost of doing business and tap a company’s human resources. Also, they can jeopardize existing business relationships. The Mouzis Law Firm is committed to providing proactive legal advice and representation geared toward establishing and protecting the business relationships between the parties.

Clients expect accessibility to their lawyer. Attorneys at The Mouzis Law Firm are required to respond to clients’ needs in a prompt and professional manner. Clients expect reasonable rates for the legal services provided. The hourly rates for Mr. Mouzis, associates and paralegals are relatively below the rates charged by other attorneys with comparable experience and expertise in their field of practice. The firm is thriving and clients are benefitting by the firm’s efficiency and delegation of work from partners to associates and associates to paralegals, where appropriate.

Results are important. Clearly, no attorney can guaranty a result. However, whether it is successfully obtaining a seven figure Judgment after a jury trial for a client, obtaining a significant recovery at a binding arbitration proceeding, negotiating a profitable settlement for a client, or prevailing on a bid protest before a public agency, the results obtained by The Mouzis Law Firm are exceptional.
However, a firm’s reputation is not built just on results, but also on the manner in which its members conduct themselves before the court and with opposing legal counsel. Attorneys at The Mouzis Law Firm are understandably required to maintain respect for the trial court, and for any judicial officer or employee of the court system. Attorneys are also required, however, to promote civil and professional relationships with opposing counsel where possible, while ethically and passionately advocating their client’s position, believing that open lines of communication with opposing counsel ultimately serve the best interests of the firm’s clients.

The Mouzis Law Firm philosophy is one borne out of 30 years of experience, and one that is nonetheless as timely and necessary today as ever.